Our Process

Master distillery at it's finest

It starts with 100% blue Weber agave

hand-grown, harvested at peak ripeness

and individually selected for quality. The excess green skin layer where the leaves attach to the piña is carefully removed, leaving the prized heart intact so we can capitalize on its sweet, non-herbaceous characteristics.

Penta Tequila

The agave is slow roasted

Magic, time and temperature dance together in perfect harmony

starches turning into complex sugars and releasing that trademark sweetness Penta is known for. The shredded, cooked piña is then mixed with artisan well water, placed into two tanks each dosed with either Champagne or tequila yeast — a layering technique essential for a smoother, deeper finish — and the initial stages of fermentation are finally underway.

Penta Tequila

“The Sweet Spot”

is what we can when portions of our batches are double distilled while others are triple distilled

We use both stainless steel and copper in our distillation process. The combination of these two metals, along with even heat conduction, help in the extraction of sulfur compounds, leaving behind a uniformly delicious tequila.

Penta Tequila

intoxicating delightful tension

between aroma, flavor, texture, spice, and mouthfeel

without the detracting presence of overwhelming alcohol. After distillation, our spirits journey to a mix of new and seasoned barrels made of French, American, and Hungarian oak.

Penta Tequila

Pour, Sip & Savor

Enjoy the flavors and aromas of fragrant vanilla, rich caramel and roasted brown sugar interwoven with cooked agave, intoxicating floral notes, a spritz of fresh citrus and the subtle scent of spicy soil.

It’s what happens when master distillers combine five layers of flavor never before blended together or sold.

It’s a liquor worthy of exclusivity. Penta Tequila. Ready to Pour.