Our Story

the founders & origins


Steve Reynolds, Mark Davidowski, Shawn Guttersen, Ron Davidowski, Sean Thomas


Once upon a time

(about 20 years ago)

there was a wine maker and some close friends in Napa that dreamt of a tequila that honored the history and tradition of agave-based spirits, while also introducing a refinement typically only seen in the wine world.

Penta Tequila

That dream came true

with the introduction of Penta

a tequila made by five partners inspired by the five noble grapes using agave sourced from all five Mexican states where agave for Tequila is legally grown.

Penta Tequila

Every bottle

is the product of painstaking planning

and endless attention to detail. How we grow and source our plants, how those plants are processed, the yeast we choose to use, the combination of barrels in which the tequila is aged, even the flavor profile we’ve brought to life — it’s all a labor of love led by a quintet of guys who believe they’ve created something worthy of a place on honor on your shelf.

Penta Tequila

forging a new path

Is not easy but amazing things happen

We kept that in mind when we dared to reimagine what tequila could be. Risky? Maybe. Exciting? Most definitely. Delicious? You better believe it.

Penta Tequila

Our Process

Is what sets penta tequila apart from everything before it

Discover Our Process
Penta Tequila